Friday, September 02, 2005

Friday, September 2nd

I think I'm starting to suffer from Katrina fatigue. The horrible images of places I know relatively well combined with the ineffectual and indifferent attitude of GWB and the federal government has left me somewhat numb. Well, partially numb, and partially sharpening my pitchfork and drawing up plans for a guillotine on the ellipse to take care of BushCo once and for all. How this country could have elected that incompetent boob and his evil toadies twice is beyond me. But then again, there's ample evidence that they didn't and that machinations within the GOP swung both elections.

Fortunately, there's ample evidence that the country is starting to realize just what sort of people are running this country and they're not very happy about it. If nothing else, the GOP should come crashing down in the midterm elections next year, that is if there is a country and elections. I think the ripple effects of Katrina are just starting to be felt on the economy and who knows when or how the house of cards might ultimately collapse.

We're considering doing a benefit performance of 'Politically Incorrect Cabaret', but after watching GWB, Condi, Chertoff and the rest of the gang in performance this last week, I think they've moved into an alternate universe that's beyond satire. Nothing I could come up with could be more farcical than reality. Where do you start?

In terms of personal experiences, the storm did hit Birmingham, trees down, power out, but nothing worse than countless other fronts that come through here. We're starting to get large numbers of evacuees (the population of the affected area is about two million - that's a small country that's been displaced) and we're all trying to figure out how to take care of frail elders that have been displaced with nothing.

Three more performances of 'Twelfth Night' this weekend. I guess we're doing a public service as people need to laugh to relieve the tension. Then on to rehearsal for 'Phantom of the Opry'.