Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Tuesday, October 5th

My body and brain are both a bit fried today after my usual West Virginia jaunt the last few days. Drive up on Sunday, drive back on Tuesday with an all day meeting on Monday and a Tuesday morning lecture thrown in for good measure. Add in to that a really bad night's sleep Monday night at the Princeton, WV Hampton Inn. One of those nights where I woke up every hour... All of the good folks at the West Virignia United Mine Workers Funds Geriatric Case Management Program are well and the weather was lovely. Early fall sunny and warm with just a touch of cool in the evening and the foliage just starting to turn.

Got back just in time last night to see 'The Lion King' with Tommy so I could get a sense of what he's been doing all day the last few weeks. (This is week 4 - finish this week out and then one more.) Julie Taymor is a genius in terms of the direction and visual look. I'm still not sure about Timoun and Pumbaa and Zazu who remain awfully Disneyfied where the rest of the show has this healthy respect for African cultures and art form. The plot remains Hamlet on the Savannah with a happier ending.

The last crunch for 'Phantom of the Opera' starts tonight. Missed a few rehearsals due to the business trip and will have to get all the last minute changes in blocking into my brain tonight. We open a week from Friday for nine performances. I'll post a photo or two when they're available. I think I have all my accoutrements taken care of. Now if I can just be sure I get my lines in the right place.