Monday, September 26, 2005

Monday, September 26th

Another week has come and gone. I'm in a bit of a fog as I simply try to get from point A to point B meeting all of my deadlines. It's a slog between now and the 23rd of October. At that point, things are going to get a lot easier and I have a lot less to do during the months of November and December - with the exception of all the usual holiday madness.

Tommy has finished two weeks of 'The Lion King' laundry and has three more to go. That finishes up on the 16th. We're going to take some time together in November to do some traveling. Looks like we're going to be bopping around Florida, assuming it doesn't bow away in Hurricane Wilma round about the middle of October. Anything's possible this year. I'm in the throes of 'Phantom of the Opry' rehearsal. We open on the 14th. It's going OK. I've got to learn my lines this next week. They shouldn't be too hard, especially after Shakespeare - just have to do it so I can get the script out of my hand and figure out the finer points of blocking and performance. Some of the country numbers are sounding pretty darned good. Now we just have to keep it from being a 'stand there and sing' show.

Leaving on Sunday for the usual West Virginia run. Be coming back on Tuesday next week so I can attend a performance of 'The Lion King' with Tommy that night and see the costumes actually in use. We saw it last Christmas but it'll be interesting to see it with some knowledge of the inner workings.

Not a lot of excitement at work. Clinic and more clinic. Also trying to keep all my contractual responsibilities fulfilled. I'm behind on a couple of legal cases and writing a lecture but should get that done this week.