Monday, October 10, 2005

Monday, October 10th

Onwards and upwards to another exciting week. The weekend was devoted to things theatrical - Tommy backstage at 'The Lion King' washing the hyenas (one more week to go), me doing some prop shopping and getting into technical rehearsal for 'Phantom of the Opry'. Lloyd Schwartz, the playwright, arrived on Friday (best known as son of Sherwood of 'Gilligan' and 'Brady Bunch' fame and an accomplished producer and writer in his on right). The pieces are starting to fall into place. It's interesting working on a new work where we have to create each and every little bit as there's nothing to model after. We're all starting to get excited and we open on Friday, ready or not.

On the real work front, not a whole lot of excitement. All of the clinical programs seem to be running pretty smoothly with minimal oversight at the moment. It won't last, but it's nice to have a week or two where the world isn't caving in around you. The powers that be seem to be very happy with geriatrics as our numbers are beating projections by between 15 and 30% (depending on whom you listen to) and we're getting the go ahead to start expanding programs in some new directions. Most of these won't involve me directly (as there's enough on my plate) but it should fill in some holes in our service lines, especially in the inpatient arena.

Tommy and I are taking the middle two weeks of November off and will be in Florida as I have some meetings. We're still in the process of figuring out itinerary but it's likely to take in the gulf coast, Tampa, Orlando and Miami for Thanksgiving. Any Floridians that have an interest in getting together, drop me a line. We're going to stay in Birmingham for the Christmas holidays, however.