Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Wednesday, November 2nd

More than two weeks since my last post. I am so bad. I'm not even sure what's been going on other than trying to decompress as I enter my first protracted period without a show to rehearse in pushing a year and a half. I seem to go home in the evening and all the energy drains away in a big whoosh while I fall asleep half way through an episode of something on the Sci-Fi channel. There's a lot to do at home while I'm in some down time but I haven't had a lot of luck convincing myself that cleaning out the closets is a great idea.

The second week of performances of 'Phantom' went fine (other than a drunk band member on the Thursday - he's not likely to get invited back in the near future...) Decent houses, decent performances. I remain unconvinced that the script is ready for anything more than stock productions, but it was fun to be part of something new and to get to know Lloyd Schwartz a bit. Now I have to turn my attention to the company business affairs. Not my favorite of topics.

Spent a couple of days last week at a symposium looking at the health care system of the greater Birmingham area. We came to the conclusion that while there are excellent pieces, a lot needs to be done to knit them together into any sort of system that actually serves the public good. Why should we be any different than anyone else. The highlight was my aspirating and vomiting in the middle of a small group meeting. One of those embarassing life moments.

Tommy and I went to a Halloween party on Saturday, dressed as society matrons. The photos will probably be blackmail material. Fortunately, I don't have any ready to go. I do, however, have some Phantom photos to share.

The new opry owners being told of the legendary phantom...

The phantom at the masquerade ball

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