Monday, December 26, 2005

Monday, December 26th

Happy boxing day to all and sundry. The holiday rush is finally officially over and Tommy and I have survived having met all deadlines. It has not necessarily been the easiest of tasks. We had our annual open house a week ago Sunday - roughly 150 people showing up over the course of the day and preparing the food and getting the house ready takes an incredible burst of energy. Tommy, the Marthat Stewart of 13th Avenue South, as usual outdid himself in terms of both decor and menu. This year's theme involves yards and yards of royal purple tulle and gold ribbon, when put with evergreen, it's Mardi Gras colors so maybe we should leave it all up for a couple of months - just replace the wreaths with large jester heads or something.

Last week was mainly about getting everything caught up at work before the long weekend. The respiratory cruds are raging in town and they felled me starting on Thursday. Today is the first day I've felt human since. I was moving very slowly at work and still have a pile of back dictations to get through. Christmas Eve we had a church service to sing at (Tommy sang, I croaked in tune) and Tommy's family came over after for dinner and family Christmas. (Family is parents, brother, sister in law, and two teenage nieces). That meant we could officially collapse Christmas day where we continued our Birmingham tradition of a movie (the film version of 'The Producers' which is fun, but stagebound) and dinner at Hooters, the only local restaurant that's open on Christmas day.

My next big project is getting the script ready for the new version of Politically Incorrect Cabaret which performs in Birmingham on February 4th and in Atlanta on February 11th. This one is 'Blues in the Night: A show for blue people who are seeing red'. I am again the Emcee and my numbers this time around seem to be a 1930s German cabaret song about unemployment which fits the federal response to Katrina and a salute to the gay NRA, 'You Can't Get a Man with a Gun'. It should end up being its usual quasi-improvisational semi-wacky self by the time we do it. I have about 2/3 done so far. Should get the rest done today and tomorrow.

I auditioned for 'The King and I' and got the only part in the show I could possibly play, Anna's old boyfriend Sir Edward who pops in during the second act for about ten minutes. Should be an easy rehearsal process as he doesn't sing a note and his only dancing is a boxstep waltz with Anna. It plays the first two weekends in March.

Tommy is being domestic with his new sewing machine. He's making boxer shorts in jungle patterns. Next up, blue sequin underthings for the cabaret. My major gift was a decent digital camera. I'm working on learning to use it and when I do, I may post a few more visual moments here.