Thursday, January 12, 2006

Thursday, January 12

Not an overly exciting week around Birminghamland. The clinic is swamped with all the people who put their health issues off until after the holidays. The first two weeks of January are always a disaster. The kids who come home and discover new problems with mom also add to the general level of pandemonium. Still, we're all keeping our heads above water and the fractiousness of the staff in general is at a bit of a low ebb.

The new Politically Incorrect Cabaret show is in rehearsal. It should be fun. I have to sit down and learn my lines which I'm not necessarily looking forward to - one of my least favorite chores, and Tommy and I have to get together on the costume plot. Should have it all down soon.

Trying to get committed staff together for 'Kiss Me Kate' - some bobbles with the music but I think it's now solved. The thing I'm really missing is a good assistant director/stage manager as I will need to be out of town on business commitments a few times during the rehearsal period.

Most of the home life has been about putting the christmas stuff away and starting a major closet/drawer clean out. We got the kitchen reorganized which has helped Tommy a lot. A bunch of Steve's family dishes are going into what may prove to be permanent storage.