Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thursday, March 30th

I am sick and tired of having viral bronchial illness. It's getting ridiculous. I've had four or five respiratory infections back to back since Christmas. No sooner do I get rid of one, than the next one moves in. This latest one is starting to calm down and can't go away soon enough. I've bought the pharmacy out of antihistamines, decongestants and cough remedies.

'Kiss Me Kate' is cast and it looks like it will be a good group. I'm very pleased with my principals. The ensemble remains a little in flux as is normal for the first few weeks of rehearsal as people drop for other commitments or decide they really wanted to do the show, even if they missed auditions. We've had a major monkey wrench with the music director being unavailable this week due to a family emergency which has put us behind with vocal work, but we should be able to catch up the next couple of weeks. There's not that much choral singing and the leads are pretty competent musicians. I'll have a much better sense of where we are by the end of the month.

Tommy is busy with his choir stuff (and is serving as my production manager as he can get after people better than I can). I'm busy with work and Kate. Not much time for anything else until summer. I'm off on my usual West Virginia run on Sunday - back Tuesday night.

Travel plans:

West Virginia - April 2-4
Chicago - May 2-4
Washington DC - May 8-11

Politically Incorrect Cabaret may be on the road in July to Nashville. That should be interesting.