Monday, March 13, 2006

Monday, March 13th

'The King and I' is officially over. Six performances this week and then poof, all the props and costumes and sets get disassembled and sent back to their respective homes. All in all a good show and CenterStage's highest grosser to date. Something about putting all those children on stage, I suppose. At least I didn't have to share stage time with the kids, just curtain call or no one would have been looking at me. As the attached photos show, I had by far the most conservative costume on stage...

Production meetings are underway for 'Kiss Me Kate' which has much of the same production team so things should run relatively smoothly. We audition this next weekend and should have some sense of it as a show once we get the cast in place. There's only a couple of things that are giving me pause. One is staging the opening number which I can see being an absolutel nightmare to get the timing worked out on everything. Another is finding the male dancers to be able to do 'Tom Dick and Harry' justice. Birmingham just isn't full of chorus boy types. The guys who do theater are predominantly character men who can sing and act but really aren't dancers per se. When I keep getting put in dance numbers, you know there's a dearth.

Still a lot of talk about the kids caught for the church burnings and what their motivations may have been. I think there's a bit of a generational thing. Some of the scions of privlige around here have had their self esteems bolstered so much by doting parents, they hit their late teens with a rather warped view of how the world actually works and seem to think that all of their ideas, often half baked in the stews of late adolescence, are good ones. Sort of the flip side of Natalie Holloway thinking it a good idea to leave an Aruban nightclub with three young men she did not know well.

The bronchitis is better and I have a voice again. Just to keep my on my toes, I threw my back out Saturday morning doing nothing in particular and am hobbling around in mild agony. I'd love a full week of feeling normal.

Tommy got called by the tour of 'Hairspray' last night and will be working wardrobe for their Birmingham gig. Won't see him much this week as he disappears behind racks of fifties fashions and fake hair.