Monday, March 06, 2006

Monday, March 6th

I have been felled, once again, by some sort of vicious viral respiratory illness. This one comes with nocturnal respiratory difficulties, a nasty cough, and laryngitis. I made it through all the performances of 'The King and I' this past weekend and now have a few days off before back to back school matinees this coming Wednesday. Fortunately, I don't sing in the King as I don't think I can hit anything higer than a low G. I'm getting really tired of this as I've had a drippy nose or something pretty continuously since before Christmas and we're headed into St. Patrick's day.

'The King and I' has turned out quite well. The design is quite colorful and lovely with lots of brocades and satins. Kim D., our usual costumer, outdid herself. Some stuff is rented, some borrowed, but she made a ton of it. It all made it out on stage for opening night, even if a few pieces were put on with safety pins at intermission. I'll post some photos when I get them. My one and only outfit is pretty pedestrian white tie and tales, but then I am one of three Anglo characters in the whole piece. Tommy and I are now starting to turn our attention to 'Kiss Me Kate' which will audition on the 18th and 19th. The staff is more or less complete. We have good people on board (same design team as 'The King and I') and I'm looking forward to it being a good show.

Lots of puzzled comments about the outcome of the Oscars with 'Crash' pulling off a best picture upset over 'Brokeback Mountain'. Lighten up everyone, they're only movies. It's not surprising when you consider that 'Crash' was loaded with Hollywood insiders and 'BBM" was much more an indie production. It's way too early to tell which is the better movie. Give it twenty years. I won the cast Oscar pool. Yeah!