Thursday, February 23, 2006

Friday, February 23rd - Lucaya, Grand Bahama

It's an absolutely gorgeous tropical day out there today. Temperature about eighty, breezes blowing, sunlight sparkling on clear blue waters and I have another forty-eight hours to enjoy it before returning to the drudgery that is work and the madness that is theater. Tommy and I are at the Westin at Our Lucaya resort lounging in one of their signature heavenly beds and trying to decide how little we can get away with doing today.

The trip is courtesy of the Society for Urodynamics and Female Urology. A urologist friend of mine from Kansas was on the program committee and wanted to up the geriatric content this year. For that, he needed a geriatrician and I got the job. A grand total of twenty minutes or so on stage doing my usual schtick equals four days in the tropics. This was a no-brainer. With luck, I wowed them enough to get another gig or two in exotic places in the future. Surgeons go much more interesting places than internists. They have more money.

The resort is very nice, if bearing a few scars from a recent hurricane. The company is reasonable and I have finished my work obligations so I have nothing else I have to do prior to noon on Sunday when we have to think about heading back. With luck I will have a little color and a little sun bleaching in the hair - which should work nicely on stage in 'The King and I' - being one of three Anglo characters.

Spending more and more time thinking about 'Kate' and what I have to do in order to get it up on its feet. At times it seems overwhelming, but I think I have a good team put together so it should work out OK. Auditions are in three weeks.