Monday, February 06, 2006

Monday, February 6th

Politically Incorrect Cabaret had its Birmingham performance this past weekend and seems to have been a success. At least the audience buzz was good. It's so much easier to do my part when I have people to play off of. It's really hard doing stand up and telling jokes to a blank wall. There should be a few pictures soon. I'll try and post a few when they're available. The world needs to see me in Carol Channing 'Hello Dolly' drag... We're off to Atlanta with the show on Friday to perform on Saturday. The out of town gigs are always interesting. I hear we have a real venue this time, not an abandoned boot factory.

With that project more or less out of the way, time to start concentrating on 'The King and I' and 'Kiss Me Kate'. 'King' is going to be a fairly minor concern. My two dialog scenes will require minimal rehearsal and it should be a breeze. My real energy has to go into 'Kate' prep if wer'e going to audition in 6 weeks. I have commitments or interest for most major staff positions and it's time to start rolling.

On the work front, my office manager is out with neck surgery adding to the controlled chaos around the place. She should be back next week. What else can go wrong? The next big thing coming up is my free trip to the Bahamas to deliver a fifteen minute talk. I should get things like that more often.

Tommy and I went to a friend's production of 'Long Days Journey Into Night' yesterday and were most impressed. There really is good theater locally if you know where to look for it. Our friend Carole's Mary Tyrone was amazingly good and the James Tyrone was also smashing. I didn't see the recent Broadway revival but doubt it could have been all that much better.

Anyone know someone who wants to donate $10,000 to Center Stage for 'Kiss Me Kate'?