Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Wednesday, February 15th

It's been a hellacious few days at work. The hospice for which I provide medical director services has run into some difficulties with record keeping that has led to much uproar. I keep telling them that poor planning on their part does not constitute an emergency on my part but they have difficulties with that concept from time to time. Things seem to be calming down finally, but who knows what fresh salvo will await me tomorrow morning. Then there's all the usual disasters in the clinic. At least my office manager seems to have recovered from her sudden need for spinal surgery and things are moving forward around there again. I think I need a drink...

I do get some time off next week. We leave for the Bahamas Wednesday morning on a junket. It's all paid for and all I have to do is be part of a three person panel for forty-five minutes sometime Thursday afternoon. I'm looking forward to a beach chair and a drink with an umbrella.

Things theatrical are calming down a bit after a successful one date tour of the cabaret show to Atlanta last weekend. It was a reasonable performance, the audience seemed to like it and with luck we'll book the next version there as well. It was also in an actual theater space for once rather than the middle of a dock or an abandoned boot factory or some of the other interesting places we've taken that show the last few years. I'm now learning my very few lines for my two brief scenes in 'The King and I'. I have one more rehearsal before I disappear to the Bahamas and then come back to the throes of tech. In the meantime, I'm doing prep work on 'Kiss Me Kate' which will audition March 18th and 19th. The local performing community has good buzz about it so I should get a decent cast.