Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tuesday, June 6th

Happy D-Day everyone -

'Kate' opened on Friday and is as good as I hoped it would be. Not a weak link in the cast and full of energy and hijinks. Costumes came in just in time. Set never did get completely finished but nothing that audience is likely to notice. People who have seen it have loved it. Four more performances to go and then my life returns to a semblance of normal. At least until the next project.

Tommy remains in France. He's been enjoying the singing in cathedrals but has had little good to say about the way the tour has been operated with his being herded on and off busses on a strict itineray full of things he is not terribly thrilled about seeing. He's skipped a couple of days to do things he enjoys and that has helped somewhat. He returns home on Thursday.

I hope to have a couple of evenings of next to nothing to do at home before this weekends performances and the arrival of my parents. Maybe catch up on a few chores.