Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday, September 8th

Things are settling down into fall pattern. Tommy started school a couple of weeks ago and is spending a lot of time at the University of Montevallo working at his music classes. Diction, sight singing, vocal performance, music technology and choir seem to be on the books for this semester. While he is down there, I continue the work thing. Still trying to hold the outpatient clinic together despite problem after problem with staffing that makes it very difficult to keep enough caregivers in the clinic for patient needs.

On the good news front, I was cast as Lazar Wolf in a production of 'Fiddler on the Roof' that opens in January. This was a part I was not expecting and should be a lot of fun. How they are going to make this tall thin blond goy into Jewish papa, I'm not sure but I do get the best song in the show ('To Life').

Tommy and I went to NOLA for the Labor Day weekend. The city continues its slow recovery from Katrina. The quarter is more or less back to normal and downtown is rebuilding pretty steadily. Outside of there and the Garden District, however, huge swaths of the residential city are gone and will probably never be back. It's sad but inevitable given the various environmental and land management policies of the last century. When will we ever learn?

I'll be on stage briefly on Sunday at the Virginia Samford Theater doing my Cabaret Emcee thing in a bit for the Bravo festival for CenterStage productions - for those who've never seen that whole schtick.