Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thursday, August 10th

The big news of the week is that I bought myself a new car, something I've needed to do for quite some time. As the old Acura had done so well for so many years, off we went to the local Acura dealership and I am now the owner of a 2006 TL, complete with GPS navigational computer, voice activated accessories and a lot of other bells and whistles I barely understand. It should be fun and a lot more comfortable on the road than anything else I have. I have until the end of the month to get rid of my current Acura - anyone interested in a purchase drop me a line...

Tommy and I drove the new car over to Augusta for the weekend. It rides nicely. Not a whole lot else out of the ordinary going on. I am very tired of the day in/day out of my clinical job and need some vacation. We start to get new doc time in this next week so I might be able to take a week off this fall. Of course, Tommy starts school soon so there won't be an ability to travel but I'll settle for a week at home lounging on the back deck. I might also get the basement cleaned out finally.

Nothing theatrical at the moment. This will eventually change. Just going to other peoples' shows. We have to go to the grand opening of a new Cabaret space next week and take in a production of 'Someone to Watch Over Me' soon.