Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thursday, October 5th

Another month down and moving closer to the end of another year. Where does the time go and will it ever slow down so I can catch up on all the things I need to get done in life? What can I say about things today? Work is work. One of my long time colleagues is dying of pancreatic cancer and I will miss her very much when she's gone. I have no idea of how I'm going to be able to replace her with our current budgets and things but what she does is vital to our continued success so I will have to try.

The house was invaded by a flying squirrel the last couple of days. Every once in a while, a young one will get on the roof and decided to explore the chimney and fall down into the fireplace. Usually the cats get them, this one was chased by the cats but managed to survive and Tommy and I finally trapped him and hustled him out the door sometime after midnight last night. It was exciting there for a minute with people and cats and furniture all shooting around the living room after a small little furry thing with big eyes and a long leap.

Have to get the last of the props for 'Little Shop of Horrors' done this weekend. They open a week from tomorrow. Should be a fun show. I am then off for a few weeks before we get into rehearsal for 'A Christmas Carol' (the Menken version) which performs the two weeks after Thanksgiving. I have a fairly small part so rehearsal shouldn't be too horrible.

The unfolding Foley scandal continues to be interesting. It's taking all of the focus off the Iraq war and foreign policy (deliberate Rovian strategy?) but also reveals the rot at the core of the current congress. I'm expecting a huge backlash against the gay community and a night of the long knives in DC against gay congress people and staffers. Perhaps it's time to emigrate.