Monday, July 02, 2007

Monday, July 2nd - Cleveland, Ohio

Tommy and Andy's tour of the upper midwest continues. After leaving Chicago, we headed down to St. Louis for a couple of days. The downtown hotels were fairly empty and we got a real deal at a very nice Hilton a couple of blocks from the Gateway Arch. As neither of us had ever been there, we headed up the arch on a strange cross between an elevator and a rock-o-plane along with several hundred of our closest friends. Lovely view from the top, if a bit unnerving. Can now cross it off the life list and never have to do it again.

The reason for St. Louis was to see Tommy's voice teacher from Montevallo as Tamino in a production of 'Zauberflote'. Put on by a samll opera company in a Disciples of Christ/UCC church near Forest Park. Not a bad production for a limited budget and some fine singing, especially the Pamina. Had a very good dinner in the CWE at a bistro called Moxy which we found through the online Zagat guide.

On Sunday, drove to Indianapolis where we spent a lovely few hours doing laundry before dinner and then settling down with architectural plans for the remodel only to recognize they need to be completely redone as the original designs and what we want have drifted further and further apart. Today, we've gone as far as Cleveland where we are looking out the hotel window at the blue waters of Lake Erie before entertaining ourselves this evening with dinner and a walk. Tomorrow, off to Manhattan.