Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday, June 19th - Beckley, WV

Greetings from Mountaineer country. Back in West Virginia with the mine workers as I am every quarter. Tommy and I and one of my fellows drove up yesterday. Uneventful other than some major rain outside of Chattanooga. Spent a restless night in the local Hampton Inn and then gave a CME course on Urinary Incontinence this morning. Doing the conference thing this afternoon and then out in the field looking at some problem children in the morning before heading back. We used to work out of Princeton, this time we're working out of Beckley, the big town - about the size of Tuscaloosa. We're supposed to have dinner tonight at the nice restaurant. I remain to be convinced.

'Cabaret' closed this past weekend after some bang up performances. It was really a good show. I have photos in hand and will post them shortly. I have promised to stay off-stage until the house remodel is underway so that's the next big project. Meeting with the contractor Thursday afternoon to look at numbers. Trying to figure out what will cost what and what pieces are or are not worth it this time around.

Leaving for our road trip on Saturday for two weeks. First stop is Atlanta to meet Craig, my college roommate who is in town for a meeting. Haven't seen him since 2001. Then on a loop with possible stops including Chicago, St. Louis, Denver, Santa Fe and Houston. More info later.