Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday, June 14th

Today is flag day, for those who keep track of minor American holidays. I am celebrating by going to work and doing the usual. The current regime and their abuse of all things American keep me from being too worked up about anything terribly patriotic, but that's just me.

What's going on? Today is the last day in clinic before four weeks off. One week of out of clinic work projects, two weeks of on the road vacation, and one week of domesticity once we get back. I'm looking forward to my first protracted time off not revolving around work or familial obligation since 2004 sometime. Tommy and I aren't yet decided on where all we are going. I think we'll make it up as we go along. Watch this space for updates. I think we're going to be hitting a lot of summer opera.

'Cabaret' is open to minor acclaim. It's a decent show and we got a good review in the local paper. Herr Schultz is a lot of fun to play and Carole's Fraulein Schneider makes it so easy. A number of my older lady patients have seen it and I've been told they're jealous of our kiss. Four more performances this weekend and then this one gets packed away and it's on to the next project. I haven't figured out what I will do next. Trying to get some domestic stuff taken care of.

The major domestic project is the remodel. The contractor came back with an initial estimate that made me reach for the smelling salts as it was more than I paid for the house. We're meeting this next week and from that, deciding where we go and what we do. I need to see a numbers breakdown.

Heard from a cousin I haven't spoken to in years. He's involved in some litigation that may make him a multimillionaire. I have some information that could help. If it does, I know a couple of theatre companies he could endow.

Paris Hilton is still in jail and Scooter Libby is heading there. Massachussets beat back an attempt to nullify gay marriage. It's a pretty good day.