Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday, August 27th

It's been a relatively quiet week or so. The weather finally broke this past weekend with Saturday being relatively cool and rainy, much to the relief of the entire population of metro Birmingham. I may have the energy to finish the packing. Of course, we're out of storage space and will be until the new storeroom is built. That's awaiting the engineer and the architect who are taking their own sweet time. I'll jump on them again this week.

Tommy and I went to our first grand bat mitzvah party on Saturday. The honoree a young lady with whom we have performed in various musicals, did well with her torah reading and the bash on Saturday night had a Hollywood/Broadway theme. We didn't do much for ourselves costume-wise as most of our items are in storage but we had a great time eating too much, catching up with friends and watching the young people cavorting.

Saw 'No Reservations' at the movies with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart. Is it a good film? Not especially but it's a harmless formula romantic comedy with two talented and attractive leads so it's worth the bargain matinee or a rent. Besides which, the food looks yummy as it takes place in a NYC upscale French restaurant.

There's melt down in a few areas at work that's likely to make things exciting over the next couple of months. It never ends. One of these days I'll need to make them pay me more to cope.