Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesday, October 30th

Tomorrow is Hallowe'en. Tommy and I are ignoring it this year as all of our costume stuff is packed away for the duration of the remodel and it's on a Wednesday so we have church choir anyway. Those Hallowe'ens where I have actually been at home, I think I get a maximum of four trick or treaters. That's what happens when you live at the end of a dead end on the top of a hill in a neighborhood without sidewalks.

Tommy closed 'Phantom of the Opera' on Sunday and is back to just worrying about school. He had a great time backstage on the show with all those famous outfits and drapes. I envy him that but his being that busy gave me some time to just veg for a while, something that doesn't happen any to often.

Not much new on the house front. Tile is nearly all set in the bathroom and the cabinetry has been fixed. We have to get the last of the belongings off the top two floors for floors and painting and then get ourselves out of the house for a while so they can finish floors. More hauling of furniture and boxes. At least its not 100 plus degrees out this time.

My back is out for some reason and I am moving around a bit like the Frankenstein monster. I skipped tap last night as I wouldn't be able to do it and slept instead. I just love being middle aged.