Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday, November 24th

Happy long Thanksgiving weekend -

I'm laying around trying to get some writing projects done while Tommy works on his school work. I don't know how successful I'm being at anything other than working my way through the 'To View' pile in the DVD collection. We did some furniture shopping this weekend for the remodel and found decent selection and prices at Ashley Home furnishings. We're pretty set on the bedroom floor and have a couple of pieces to find for the living room and then we should be able to move upstairs once they finish the painting.

The painters have been working like mad and have the bed and bathroom done. They should get the top floor the first of next week. Then it's just a matter of countertops, plumbing and appliance installation to get things up and running. That should make things much easier. The cats have been at the vets for several weeks as we have so much paint and stain fumes floating through the house. We went and visited them today. They aren't happy being kept in cages, but they'll live.

The temperature has dropped, but not a lot of rain since the initial front went through last week. We really could use some. We're still in the midst of major drought down here. The city water supply, however, is in good shape. I can't say the same for Atlanta.