Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday, November 17th - San Francisco, California

I'm back in my old stomping grounds at the Gerontological Society of America meetings this weekend. Tommy is at home writing a term paper so it's going to be conference meetings, sleep and catch up on some writing I need to do. Mainly a script for the Senior theatre group, The Seasoned Performers; I'm supposed to have a full draft done by the 1st and we keep changing basic concepts so I am not very far along.

San Francisco is cool and foggy - what I consider a normal climate and doesn't seem to have changed much since I was last here a couple of years ago. I'm staying at the downtown Hilton which is very large and devoid of any personality. The meetings have not been terribly interesting so far. I'm mainly here for some stuff dealing with the mineworkers and a committee meeting. If I get a little CME along the way, so much the better.

The house is moving along. The top two floors are stained and sealed and look great. Plumbing fixtures are going in the next two weeks and they start painting this next week as well. I have hope the top two floors will be habitable by the 10th of December so we can move up there and they can work on the bottom two.

I'm off most of next week which will be nice. I need some down time.