Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wednesday, December 12th

We have been driven from the house by poisonous vapors. The floor crew have been a little happy with the stains and sealants and its not possible to spend more than about five minutes in it without breathing problems, watery eyes and a sense of giddiness. It should pass by Friday but in the meantime, we are refugees at the Homewood Suites on 280. The paint and staining should all be done by the middle of next week so we should be able to get the furniture back in place during the next few weeks. Personally, I just want to collapse, and then go to London.

Work is only slightly freaked out at the moment. I have made the 'Best Doctors' list both locally and nationally again this year. I think its because I am getting old and gray and arthritic and set in my ways. Actually, our clinical services continue to improve and expand due to some new initiatives on the inpatient front. I would love to hand over the reins of the clinic to new blood but there really isn't anyone yet who could do it.

Tommy is in the middle of finals. He's not doing as well as he would like as the chaos of home remodeling has led to problems with studying but I have full confidence that most of it will come out in the wash.

We're having a heat wave. 80 degrees in the middle of December. Merry Christmas. We're still more or less skipping that for a while. Cards will go out next week if I can find them and get around to them. I can barely find anything in the house anymore. Next time, we torch the place and start again.