Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wednesday, December 19th

Less than a week to go until Christmas and only one more full work day for me. Hooray! There won't be much downtime though, Tommy and I have to reverse the process of the last five months and start moving everything back into the house. We are back in the house but the only room that's currently habitable is the bedroom - pieces of everything else is done but there's still a lot of finish work. Walls are painted, but trim is not. Countertops are still not installed. Cabinets need hardware. Light fixtures still aren't in.

The goal is to get the furniture and boxes out of the POD by the 7th so that can be hauled away. Then we can start emptying the new storage space of things that are down there. New furniture comes today and then we have to go out and buy a whole lot of bookcases for the den which is getting a makeover into a libaray. I forsee a lot of sorting and filing and wondering what the hell this or that item is and why we own it.

We're planning a low key Christmas this year. No decorations to speak of and a family dinner with Tommy's family on Christmas Eve. Our big present to ourselves is the trip to London from the 27th to the 3rd which we are both looking forward to. It does cut into our sort the house time but we'll manage.

The cats are back from the vet after their month away to get them out of toxic fumes and floor stain. They seem happy to be back and are settling into their old routines. The boarding bill was horrific so they better not have to leave the house for an extended time again during this process.