Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday, January 28th- Beckley, WV

I'm on one of my mineworkers jaunts for a couple of days in the mountains of southern West Virginia. Some snow on the ground, but the weather is clear and reasonably warm. I am getting tired of the 1050 mile round trip drive but it looks like its going to continue quarterly for the forseeable future. No way to combine this trip with anything interesting, so a day and a half of meetings and back home again.

The remodel is in its final stages. We are busy moving things back into the house. We emptied the POD on Saturday and it gets picked up this week. The plumbers and electricians are nearly done and the contractors are on finish work of one kind or another. We have boxes everywhere that must be gone through, sorted and put away in new cupboards and shelves so that is the task for the next two weeks. Anyone want to help?

'Into The Woods' has started rehearsal. The cast is solid and it should be a good show. I'm looking forward to it. And the house should be ready for traditional second saturday party. My blocking is easy. Stand down right and talk. What else can the narrator do?

Not much new at work other than I am behind in pretty much everything due to unpacking and house stuff. I should catch up around May.