Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday, May 30th

I've been fairly infrequent in updating recently as there hasn't been a whole lot to say. 'The Music Man' is marching towards its opening night - one week and counting. I have my lines down, but they aren't completely second nature and I get a few things wrong in Shinn's fractured frazology but it should be more or less there over the next week. The house as disappeared under the costumes for the show as Tommy does the costume thing on a cast of 55. The Pickalittle ladies made their hats all over the living room this past Monday and it led to much hilarity and many feathers all through the sofa and on the carpet. It should be a good show. Performances are gelling and there are some good moments.

Had a West Virginia trip in there. I'm getting too old for that drive. Nothing terribly eventful other than my having to pull off a couple of times to snooze. I think my stamina is dribbling away with the years.

Today is my little sister's Delta Dawn birthday and my little brother's 4-0 is in a few weeks. I guess we're now all officially middle aged. I better call her and wish her a happy happy.

Work is the usual. There are feelings of uncertainty as there are some changes happening in the upper echelons of management of the hospital and health system and we don't know where that's going to leave clinical geriatrics. It's too big here for there to be a repeat of the UCD disaster but, having lived through such things before, I am a bit apprehensive. Should all come out in the wash.

Friends wrote a musical about five white trash ladies living in a trailer park that we went to see this past weekend. It was a good deal better than I had anticipated and has some real potential. Needs one character reshaped and a bit more of an even flow between song and story and some lyric rewrites, but on the whole, nicely done. No word yet on 'Terrorist' for next season. If Birmingham Festival passes again, going to shop it around to some others.