Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday, June 25th

Music Man Mania is over in the Duxbury-Thompson household. The costumes are, for the most part, put away, the detritus of ladies picture hats vacuumed up, my spats are back in the drawer and, in general Tommy and I are being fairly sedate and trying to recover after a month of fairly frenzied activity. The show was both an artistic and a financial success and we're still hearing very good things about it from those that saw it. The needs much decision of minimal set worked in its favor and we're going to have to do some other old warhorse shows in a similar vein.

Catching up at work and trying to get everything in order for me to go out of town to Seattle for three weeks this July. Our agenda there is minimal other than R and R and family time so it should be fun. I'd like to get out some into the Cascades or over to the Olympic peninsula to rod around the country a bit. Haven't done that in decades.

Finished the next draft of the script I'm writing for The Seasoned Performers for their tour next year. Currently entitled 'Grimm and Bear It', various fairy tale villain archetypes are thrown out of their stories which does not bode well for any until they band together and overcome. Their necessary role becomes a metaphor for age and experience and hopefully all learn something and sing Kumbayah at the end.

Finally caught up with 'Mrs. Henderson Presents' on DVD with Judi Dench and Bob Hoskins. Great fun. I'm looking towards directing 'Anything Goes' (again) next season and I wonder if we can do some nude tableau vivant with it, or if that might be pushing the envelope just a bit for Birmingham...