Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday, September 16th

It's been a quiet couple of weeks in the southland. Tommy and I are settling into school year routine. After several years of spending a fortune in gas for his daily 90 mile school commute, we traded the Mustang in on a brand new Toyota Prius and joined the hybrid green revolution. A bit of a bittersweet moment as the Mustang was Steve's car. However, it was pushing ten years old with 130,000 miles on it so I can't say that it didn't give yeoman service. With gas again cresting $4.00 a gallon, the Prius's 50 mpg should give the wallet a bit of a rest.

I've been rather busy with work stuff the last few weeks. I've had a bunch of programs to present to the community that I've had to get ready and, on top of that, the clinic has been hopping. I've noticed that we've had more and more crazy families in recent months. I think it's because the caregiving burden for the elderly is shifting from the silent generation to the boomers and the boomers are much more likely to argue with reality. It's probably a good thing that I'm not overly busy theatrically.

Speaking of things theatrical, Tommy is costuming 'Grease' (a much easier task than 'The Music Man')and I am possibly going into a new version of 'Politically Incorrect Cabaret' for the election season. It's supposed to happen in five or six weeks and there is no firm cast, music director or material yet so I am not overly confident that it's actually going to happen. The material is writing itself this election season but it will still need to be shaped into a coherent show of fifteen or so numbers.

Tap class started up again last night and the Betty Ford dancers are back with a vengeance. Should be fun. We've also got a performance this weekend with the Men's Chorale and the church choir season is also in full swing.

Have to go to Atlanta briefly this weekend and then the West Virginia run happens the week after that.