Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday, August 19th

There's a light at the end of the tunnel regarding the house remodel. The top three floors are nearly complete. A few light fixtures to install and a fireplace ro repair and that's just about it. Of course, that means it will be time to deal with the basement, but we can more or less seal that off and let them bang around down there without much issue. Of course, we'll have to muck it out first... I've started but we've been pitching so much down there for so long its a bit of a daunting task.

We got most of the art back up on the walls this last week and it looks pretty good. We've changed up where things hang to take advantage of wall color and the like and a few things are headed out the door to a charity art auction as there really isn't a good place for them.

The big news is the expansion of the household. After coming back from Seattle, we decided to add a third cat. However, when we went to look at the adoptees at the vet, we were smitten with a brother/sister pair that they were having trouble placing as they were no longer cute little kittens. Oliver and Anastasia have now joined Archie and Shadow. There's been a lot of 'us against them' dynamics with some acting out (including some unfortunate instances of peeing in the middle of the bed) but after a week or so, they seem to all be starting to settle down together. I'll post pictures of the brood as soon as I can get around to taking some.

We're off on Friday to Orange County to attend a society Hindu wedding which seems to encompass three days of festivities. The groom is one of my geriatrics mentees from a couple of years ago. Should be fun.