Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday, April 22nd

I'm damned sore from extra tap rehearsals preparing for the annual extravaganza on Saturday night. The joints are very definitely hitting middle age and letting me know when I spend hours bouncing up and down on them. The show should be a good one - where else will you see 8 gay men of a certain age doing 'The Aggie Song' from Best Little Whorehouse in Texas?

The University remains in melt down over budget issues and continues to drive me slightly bonkers. Things should start to come to rest and sort themselves out over the next few weeks and I should have a pretty good idea what next year will look like by the fourth of July. It's not likely to be a pleasant time for a while as we all make do with less and less resources.

On the road again for work starting next week...
Leaving Birmingham on the 29th for Chicago and will be in Chicagoland through the 4th. Then heading to Pikeville Kentucky for three or four days to help open the new Kentucky site of the mineworkers program I've been involved in for years and years. Back home on the 9th of May. Tommy is planning on coming with, assuming his back has recovered enough from disc surgery.

July and a week on Maui can't get here soon enough.