Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday, July 14th - Pikeville, Kentucky

Happy Bastille Day everyone. I should think the erection of a couple of guillotines, one on the Ellipse and one somewhere around Wall Street would be a good way of celebrating. They don't have to be used, just serve as a reminder to the aristocrats of today that they can't walk on the people for too long without certain consequences.

I'm off in Appalachia with my mineworker nurses for a few days. Spent yesterday in West Virginia at a marathon 8 + hour meeting that fried my brain and am here in Kentucky today at a, fortunately, shorter one. I'll be driving home tomorrow, just in time to pack before heading off to Seattle for a few days and then on to Maui with the family. I so need a week of doing next to nothing on the beach.

Being stuck in Appalachia, I am unable to go to the midnight screening of the new Harry Potter movie tonight. I'll have to wait for a reasonable hour. Perhaps I'll be able to take the nieces when we are in Seattle.

I've had to step down from 'Taming of the Shrew' in August due to schedule changes. Pisses me off somewhat but what can you do? Life should hopefully get easier after September or so and there will hopefully be a theatrical project I'll be able to stick with later in the year. There's always 'Aida' for the opera in January.