Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday, January 11th

We have been in the deep freeze around here for a week and a half. It's barely cracked an acceptable temperature since New Years. Tommy and I went out of town for New Years weekend and we returned home to frozen pipes in the master bath and they have yet to thaw so we have no idea if we have any plumbing damage or not. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Work continues slowly but surely in the basement. The floor is nearly done. When that is finished, we may be able to start using the room a little bit. We're supposed to have a house guest through the opera starting the 22nd so it needs to be before then so I can get all the crap that belongs in the basement out of the guest room.

Aida rehearsals are in full swing. The Italian is starting to come. I have most of the first act down and the second act is getting there. Most of the third and fourth acts is off stage so I can cheat and look at the music if I need to. The principals are all decent sorts and the staging is such that I can do it even in my cast so it shouldn't be a problem that I'm still hobbling around on a broken foot. I see the orthopod on Wednesday for a check up and to make plans for the next go round. I'm hoping I can graduate from a cast to a boot that I can take off at night and for showering.

Tommy starts spring semester today. He did very well last semester and I expect him to do the same this time around.