Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday, December 10th

Bad Andy for not having written an update for a month. My excuse is too much to do in too little time. But that's been the story of my life for a very long while so I can only hide behind it a little bit.

What's been going on? Treading the boards again in CenterStage's production of 'A Christmas Story' (better known as Ralphie and the Red Ryder BB Gun or 'You'll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid'). I'm one of the utility players filling in all the bit parts. Seven roles and ten changes in a two hour show. Keeps things from being boring backstage as I'm always taking something off or putting something on. Best scene is the Santa scene where I am one of the bad tempered elves. I suppose it's good practice if I am ever cast in 'The Santaland Diaries'. Four more shows to go and then this one wraps.

Tommy and I are also in rehearsal for 'Aida' (the Verdi, not the Elton John). I have the music more or less down but the Italian is still escaping me. I have another six or seven weeks to look like I know what I am singing. Rehearsals don't really gear up on it until after the first of the year, fortunately. In the meantime, Tommy has another opera gig and we have the holiday concert for the men's chorus to get through.

The basement clean out was completed on time and the contractor has gutted the floor. The framing for the new sheetrock is in place, the electrical has been adjusted and they will be finishing out the room over the next couple of weeks. We're still having some issues with the floor and cabinetry but they should be resolved relatively quickly. We hope to have it all done by the time Aida happens.

Tommy has finals next week and I am doing my usual West Virginia/Kentucky run. This takes a week out of holiday preparations so we are trying to get all the trees up early and have the house vaguely ready for our annual holiday do this weekend. I had to get a new Marilyn Monroe tree - the collection of Marilyn ornaments had outgrown the old one. The other trees should be done shortly. For those of you who are local, our annual do will be on Sunday the 27th from 2-8.

If I make it through February, I should be good for a while.