Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday, November 28th

I hope everyone had a reasonable Thanksgiving weekend. We had a low key few days. Lunch with Tommy's family, then dinner with a group of theatre friends where there was much carousing and martinis with a continuation to a Friday dinner where leftovers were consumed and the same group kept on. We all enjoy each others company and hadn't worked together on a show for a while so it was a time to catch up, share backstage stories, play many riotous games of Apples to Apples and have a few more martinis.

I am desperately trying to get the new touring show for the Seasoned Performers, Alabama's only senior theatre group, written so it can go into rehearsal in January. I have a draft due by the 15th of December and I'm only about half done. It's about three actresses who starred in a radio drama years ago reuniting years later and reflecting on the past and looking forward to the future together. I have some good pieces worked out but am still stuck on the full formal dramatic art. If I can get a whole draft down, I can then refine it and get things worked out better.

Leaving in the morning for the usual West Virginia and Kentucky run. Just hope the snows stay out of the mountains until I get back. Have to give a talk on health care reform while I am there so I've been spending some time researching the bill. There's some good stuff in it but it doesn't go far enough so I don't see it working out properly in the long run. Everything may change with the results of the last election as well...

Been spending some time whipping the house into shape. The goal is to get everything properly put away by Christmas after three years of continuous upheaval. We're slowly getting there. Only a few boxes left and then we have to attack the garage and the storage space. There's some room there as much of the excess furniture has gone to Tommy's niece who is furnishing her first apartment.

We will be in Seattle for Christmas for a week. It will be nice to see everyone. I don't know how much vacation it will be as we are helping my parents move out of the house and into senior living. Time marches on.