Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Wednesday, November 3rd

I can't say I'm terribly thrilled by the outcome of yesterdays elections, but it was pretty much inevitable given the current state of politics in the US. The dems ignored their base and tried to govern from a conciliatory middle and got played by the repubs who were able to make their inaction and blocking of progress seem like the fault of the actual dem policies. Combine that with a stagnant economy and 10% unemployment and the results are pretty much a no brainer. Hopefully, the Obama administration has learned something and will get into the rough and tumble of politics rather than trying to hold itself outside. That strategy never works. I doubt there will be a wholesale repeal of anything. Obama won't sign it and it won't pass the senate. I forsee a lot of the same gridlock over the next couple of years and a continued stagnant economy. Batten down the hatches folks.

Most of the last couple of weeks has been devoted to fundraisers and good works of various stripes. Tommy and I, along with the rest of the Opera Birmingham chorus, learned six major opera chorus moments for a benefit cabaret show including Carmen's Toreador chorus, Trovatore's Anvil chorus and Nabucco's Slave chorus. It came off rather well and will be repeated in the future. If anything, there was too much good music. Tommy and I also ended up doing most of the catering as well so we get double brownie points for that one.

Monday night was the Center For Aging's inaugural 'Dancing with the Silver Stars' event using local 'celebrities' with dance pros in a format like the TV show. A good time was had by all and we made quite a lot of money and people are clamoring to be the celebrity 'contestants' for next year. This one will be a keeper. I did not dance, not being a celebrity. I was able to enjoy the food and drink instead.

This weekend, is Alzheimers of Central Alabama memory walk and Tommy and I are, again, in charge of the T shirts. I have six cartons in the car that have to be folded tonight and another five to be folded before Saturday morning sometime so they can be given out to the hordes.

Hallowe'en was a quiet affair. We were both tired on Saturday night and went to bed early. Sunday night, we had work to do around the house and no trick or treaters. We seldom have them. The benefit(?) curse(?) of living at the end of a dead end on the top of a steep hill.

Things are quieter for most of the rest of November. We have no Thanksgiving plans as of yet. I'm sure we'll do more than Swanson frozen turkey TV dinners but it's unclear what.

Upcoming travel plans.

Andy - Beckley/Princeton/Pikeville/Berea - November 29th - December 3rd
Andy and Tommy - Seattle - December 21st - December 29th