Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Tuesday, August 9th

If I thought the world was crazy before, it's definitely gone a few steps farther these past few weeks. The tea party managed to destroy the full faith and credit of the US government through pure idiocy, Obama manged to come off as even more inept than ever and London is turning into a true city on fire. It won't surprise me at all if urban violence of that type starts spilling over into this country in the next couple of years when true 'austerity budgets' start to hit throwing the schools into a tailspin and severely curtailing government and health services. I have no idea what the leadership classes are thinking as they march us all over the cliff.

On a more personal note, in the midst of tech for 'Big - the musical' based on the Tom Hanks film from 25 years ago. It's a cute show but my role as the other boys father is pretty blink and you'll miss it. I'm in the first ten minutes and that's about it until curtain call. It's my last theatrical outing for a bit (other than another gig for Politically Incorrect Cabaret) as I need to put the energy into Internal Medicine Boards which are scheduled for October 19th. Big is full of 80s nostalgia. Mall hair, parachute pants and a Galaga machine that has more stage time than I do.

It's been hot and sticky throughout the southland. It gets unbearable, storms and rains an inch, cools off for about three hours and then the cycle repeats. The rain has made every weed in the yard take off and it's too hot and sticky to want to get out there and do anything about it. The house is at least in shape on the inside. Have some deck repair work to do on the outside this fall though.